Jaywant Guitar

Objective of invention:

The main object of the "Jaywant Guitar" is to be able to produce a sound of an ensemble of Hawaiian Steel Guitars by plucking a pair of strings tuned in the same pitch.This Guitar also has the sound of a combination of Veena, Sarod,Sitar and Sur Bahar.


I have often heard the beautiful sounds of a ensemble of violins,flutes or cello's in a western concert or symphony.This symphonic sounch of a bunch of violins, flutes or cello'shas always been fascinating me and the urge to get the sound of more than one guitar while playing a single instrument was always there.The urge to integrate the harmonius sounds of Western Symphony Orchestra with Indian classical music.The collaborations of Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan with the West and their beautiful creations and compositions.

Technical Specifications:

This "Jaywant Guitar" Bridge along with the String Spacer Nut is made in a manner so as to place three pairs of main melody strings at a distance of one centimeter( 1 cm) from each other.The distance between two strings forming a pair of main melody strings ( the first and second string, the third and fourth string , the fifth and sixth string) is half centimeter ( 0.5 cm).The "Jaywant Guitar" according to this invention comprises of three pairs of main melody strings 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.The distance between the strings 1 and 2 ; 3 and 4 ; 5 and 6 is half centimeter (0.5 cm). The distance between string 2 and 3 ; 4 and 5 is one centimeter(1cm).

No of strings:

There are 21 strings on this Hawaiian Steel guitar. Three pairs of main strings(6). Twelve Sympathetic strings(12) and Three Taraf strings(3).


The strings used in the Guitar are manufactured by D'Addario company in USA .These strings give the right tone and required sound for the Jaywant Guitar.

Guitar Maker:

This Guitar has been made by Mr.Mohd Arif of Gibtone Guitar Corporation,Kolkata.


Mohd Mushtaq of Gibtone Guitar Corporation, Kolkata.